[ About Us.]

Arqgen is a tech company founded in the belief that Architectural Projects have to be Error Free, Efficient, Precise, Available for All and SCALABLE.

In order to achieve this, our team develops softwares based on Artificial Intelligence & Generative Architecture algorithms that optimizes Architectural and Urbanism Project’s Conception and Pricing custom made to our clients, drastically reducing time and costs compared to traditional methods.


-> Arqgen Layout 2nd Release;

-> Development of Arqgen’s Cloud Solution.

-> Arqgen is selected for FAPESP’s PIPE equity free governamental subsidy;

-> Arqgen partners with Miro, Inovabra Habitat, Cubo Itau and Ethaum.


-> 1st Arqgen Layouts release;

-> Arqgen partners with Autodesk(Autocad and Revit), Nvidia, IBM, Oracle, AWS, Google, Secovi-SP e Mithub;

-> Arqgen Buildings created and sucessfully approved by Proofs of Concept;


-> Official Arqgen foundation

-> Arqgen partners with  Microsoft, Graphisoft (Archicad) e McNeel (Rhinoceros);


-> Arqgen sucessfully completes the Proof of Concept for automating the Architectural Layout production via Artificial Intelligence and Generative Architecture algorithms resulting in:

. Decrease the time for approving the Architectural Layouts to less than one day;

. Generation of 3+ Architectural Layouts options for each Project;

. Saving more than R$30m per year.

[ Who We Are.]

Currently, Arqgen is composed of a multidisciplinary team of 10+ Architect Programmers and Software Engineers/Artificial Intelligence experts with extensive brazilian and international experiences.

We are passionated about the challenge to decode Architecture and Urbanism utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Generative Architecture tecniques, assuring exponential Availability, Quality, Efficiency and Scalable Growth on the Architecture and Urbanism project production for our clients.

Pedro O.

B.Eng. Software

Lucas G.

B.Arch. Programmer

Isadora T.

B.Arch. Programmer

Gustavo M.

M.Eng. Software

Maisa D.

B.Arch. Programmer

Adriane O.

B.Arch. Programmer

[ Our Culture.]

High quality Architectural and Urban spaces inspire and move us: it is where we meet, we fell in love, we work – it is where we live.

Argen’s ambition is to enable ALL to create their best spaces through Architecture and Urbanism decoded via Artificial Intelligence and Generative Architecture techniques.

To accomplish this mission in the most creative, enjoyfull and passionated way, we operate in our environment that:

. Encourages learning: Our work revolves in the constant learning and ideas sharing, powered by our exclusive weekly meetings dedicated to book readings and experience sharing events;

. Automates: We embrace repetitive manual tasks with our automations;

. Collaborates: We discuss and brainstorm passionately as a condition to navigate through our challenges, helping one another, eg. via pair programming;

. Evolve continously: We are always commited to the infinite search for the best way of working and living;

.Communicate sincerely and directly: Our work ethic is guided on the trust and respect enabled by coregeous, sincere and construtive feedbacks.